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Once a system has been implemented, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding ongoing support. With a dedicated team of highly skilled, fully trained staff, you can be sure that we are there when you need us.

Working to strict levels of service, we offer guaranteed response times to ensure your system is back up and working as soon as possible. We can access your system remotely and where appropriate fix the fault via our remote diagnostics tools.

Remote Access

Channel’s Helpdesk accepts faults by email, fax or telephone and immediately issues a ticket to you. An engineer is allocated and tasked to contact you. If possible, they will help solve the issue online or over the phone. If they are unable to, an engineer will be dispatched to site.

Maintenance packages

We offer flexible maintenance contracts to suit your needs based on your specific requirements. Cover can be from basic weekday hours, to full 24/7 support.



We’ve identified that there are three major areas which are at the forefront of our clients’ business needs. These are the areas where we have developed strong expertise and established partnerships with some of the best companies in the industry to meet your requirements.

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Every business has a set of unique requirements which we will talk to you about and understand. You can choose to implement an on premises phone system, a hosted service or a combination of the two with a virtualised or VMware based solution.

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A no-nonsense connection to the outside world. Shouldn’t be too much to ask for, should it? We only sell business grade broadband, which, unlike consumer broadband, means the speed of your connection is not dependent on whether Mavis next door happens to be streaming the omnibus of her favourite soap.

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The need for us to work, “Any time. Any place. Anywhere.” is now a normal part of life. If you’ve ever had an issue with changing networks, upgrading your contract, porting numbers or generally dealing with mobile operators directly, we can guide you through the mobile minefield and take the frustration away.

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Have your fingers been burnt? ….then run away. Believe it or not, the largest savings are made by organisations that switch their gas and electricity suppliers. With just your meter readings, we can provide a hassle free switch to lower prices and an easier life.

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