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March 15, 2022

Channel for the Axe!

This weekend some of the Channel team battled it out with Axe Throwing at Whistle Punks Bristol.

The fun packed evening began with drinks in Bristol and then on to the main event at Whistle Punk. After signing a waiver (yikes!) and ordering another round of drinks we headed over to our lanes for the evening. The instructors encouraged our competitiveness and gave us a very entertaining crash course. After a practice round it was time to battle it out for the number one spot.

It quickly became clear who could throw an axe and who just didn’t have the skill needed. With some of the team surprising everyone scoring points at every try! Filled with laughter, the rounds of applause and the instructors commentating the entire activity was proving to be a huge hit!

The semi-final winners, Engineer, Keian and Senior Sales Consultant, Trevor both received interim trophies for their efforts before heading off into the finals to finally crown the Channel Axe Throwing Champion of 2022. After a tense few rounds and scores drawing throughout, Trevor managed to bag the win on the final round!

The Channel Team enjoyed the thrill of axe throwing, tasty stone baked pizzas and ice cream it was now time to head to dance the rest of the night away!

    Semi Finals
    AH G
    TL winner

By Hollie Boyd

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