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July 30, 2021

Is there a better time to invest in workplace engagement?

Let’s start with the basics

What is employee engagement? Employee engagement is the evaluation of enthusiasm and dedication an employee feels toward their job, and the relationship between an organisation and its employees. Organisations with high employee engagement have a majority of employees who report high satisfaction with their work and therefore outperform organisations with low employee engagement.

Companies with Engaged Employees Outperform the Competition by as much as 202%!

The risk of an unengaged workplace

If hybrid working is a new model for your business, you’ve perhaps seen productivity maintained whilst teams are spread across different working environments, but you may not be aware your teams are feeling less engaged and satisfied within their role.

This can be risky when so many recruitment companies are working harder than ever to head hunt candidates for roles for companies who have ‘upped’ their benefits package in an already competitive market.

A great way to gauge how your employees are honestly feeling is to send out an anonymous survey from companies like ‘Survey Monkey’. Asking the right questions will give you a greater insight into how your teams are feeling giving you the opportunity to improve on areas needed before they consider new roles.

Solving a problem with communication to elevate the workplace engagement

Fundamental to building and maintaining engagement is communication, between both team members and leaders. Employees are the pillars to a company’s success and often contribute to new ideas, problem solving and building team spirit. But are you communicating enough? Can you easily communicate with team members? With millions of businesses benefiting from a hybrid working model, it hasn’t come without its challenges.

Poor connection, the inability to transfer calls or speak to someone offsite have been amongst the topmost complained about issues.

These are all frustrating and can seriously disrupt a working day, yet they have never been easier to solve!

Businesses who acted quickly to solve these issues are already seeing employee engagement and in some cases sales increase.

Award winning solutions to solve a problem like communication

Every business is unique with its own set of issues but from speaking to Directors, Managers and Employees Channel have gained detailed insight into the most common concerns.

We’ve listed the features that have solved the most common issues

Phone calls

o A solution that evolves your laptop, PC and mobile phone into your entire phone system

o The ability to transfer calls to team members at home, in the office, offsite or even (handsfree) on the road

o Sending calls directly to your voicemail by simply switching your availability or synching with your calendar

o The power to display your company telephone number on any device

o Internal calls between the team spread over various working environments

Video calls

o HD picture and audio quality video calls

o Simple and quick email invites internally and externally

o Share screen

o Turn a phone call to a video call with one click


o Instant messaging all in one place on any device

o Create groups for messaging

o Sending large files


o Security features are built-in inside the product, which means the system is ‘Secure By Design’ and security is not delegated to third party devices.

o TLS encryption of HTTPS traffic to the PBX, screen sharing sessions, conferences

o DTLS-SRTP – TLS encryption of voice / audio, including conferences

o Intrusion detection over all services managed

o Protection against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks

o Report of intrusion attempts detected within the System

Our mission

A better-connected business has the power to communicate with customers and colleagues anytime and anywhere. A better-connected business can work flexibly and at speed with, reliable broadband and WIFI.

Integral to a better-connected business is a futureproof telecoms solution from Channel Comms. So, get connected with us today. And we’ll get you better connected tomorrow.

For help and advice on your business communications contact one of the team today!

By Hollie Boyd

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