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January 25, 2022

Why Cloud Phone Systems are the solution for multi-site businesses.

Multi-site businesses have many advantages including recruiting the best talent, reaching a new customer base and hybrid working models to name a few.

But multi-site doesn’t always refer to multiple premises across the country. Multi-Site can be a variation of department locations and remote working too.

If you’re a multi-site business your current communication system may be restricting your employee productivity, causing issues with customer service and complex maintenance, support, and training needed for PBX hardware and software from different manufacturers

Benefits of Cloud Telecoms for Multi-Site businesses

Greater Control

Most cloud users find they actually gain greater control over the phone system. For example, even during out of office hours or whilst travelling and IT admin can make changes. Cloud also offers simple greater changes such as adding new users and changing numbers can be done at ease.

One unified, affordable cost

Cloud phone systems are effectively one larger piece of software that filters down to multiple users. This eliminates the expense of upgrading and maintaining systems at each location.

Multi-sites operating across different locations benefit from one centralised bill instead of costs per premises. As calls are all made via the internet, local, national and UK mobile calls become free.

The Channel Cloud Solution is also feature-rich, so you get even more value for money in comparison to a standard phone system.

Add/Remove Locations Hassle-free

Cloud phone systems are perfect for keeping up with your business plans and any staffing changes. With the ability to effortlessly scale up or scale down, businesses can add or remove users as required quickly and efficiently. The flexibility of the cloud system allows you to add users in a new location or remove them from a current one, these are one of the many reasons cloud phone systems are perfectly adaptable for multi-site businesses.

Flexibility for Flexible Working

Almost 2 years after work from home begun on a national scale, we are finally being told this is no longer a requirement. But thousands of businesses have already seen huge benefits to a flexible working environment, and we are confident when we say – the hybrid working model is here to stay. Cloud telecoms is the ultimate solution to our new way of working. It’s an entire intelligent communication infrastructure accessible to anyone with a license connection and device.

Summary The phone system you need—simple, adaptable, centralized

The Channel Cloud Solution has won multiple awards in the past couple of years and their creator, Wildix has been positioned as a niche vendor in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for unified communications. Paying homage to the innovative, intelligent, yet super accessible and user-friendly software they have created.

Here are just some of the benefits:

• Audio & video call
• Chat
• Presence & geolocation
• Conferencing
• Memo messages
• Fax & SMS to one or more users
• Access to corporate phonebooks
• Screen sharing & file transfer
• Audio & video calls / conferences with external users
• Share your desktop, documents and applications
• Schedule the conference (synced with Google and Outlook calendars)
• Record videoconference, including audio, video and desktop sharing
• Share a link with other participants to work together on a document
• Reporting and analysis of videoconferencing sessions
Integrations with
o Microsoft Teams
o SalesForce
o Google
o Outlook & Office
o HubSpot
o And many more big names!

This diagram shows how Channel Cloud Phone Solution supports on-premises locations as well as a hybrid working and multiple locations with ease. With one Channel Cloud Solution each licensed team member is connected anytime – anyplace via calls, chat, video conference and more!

Case Study:

SIDERISE Group, are one of the UK’s leading providers of innovative insulation solutions for Acoustic, Fire and Thermal applications, with more than 45 years of industry experience and recognition. SIDERISE needed a secure and easy to use business communications solution that could effectively connect all their UK based staff as well as the overseas agents in Australia and Dubai at times of the global pandemic. Read more

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By Hollie Boyd

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