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Connect Clerks and Increase In-Store Conversions with a Complete Retail Headset System

More than just standard retail communication: x-hoppers is your all-in-one tool for in-store messaging and intelligent retail support!
Full digital communications everywhere in your shop and QR code-based call points.

Improve your in-store experience by leaps and bounds with:

+35% sales by improving store efficiency and customer service

Ensure clerks give customers the instant responses that win sales now and customer loyalty in the long run

150 hours saved by streamlining workflow management

Improve communications with fully wireless headsets for retail stores that streamline everyday workflows and look ahead to the future of IoT in retail.

Jump ahead of in-store problems and your competition

The in-store experience is key to retail success. Even with the rise of eCommerce, options like in-store shopping and in-store pickup create the personal experience that wins lasting customer loyalty.

However, plenty of day-to-day issues hold shops back from reaching their full potential.

When retail communication problems pop up, shops have to work against:

• Hard-to-answer inquiries
• Difficult or belligerent customers
• Unreported messes
• Damaged products on shelves
• Shoplifters or attempted theft
• Security incidents
• Lack of staff during breaks
• Missing data on customer interests
• Delays in addressing customer queries
• Health concerns over in-store shopping

How do you leap over all these obstacles?

With the full power of a VoIP phone solution for retail environments

Here’s where x-hoppers jumps in:

x-hoppers connects all of your shop’s employees on one voice channel to ensure your entire sales team can tackle problems as they arise, creating a more positive in-store experience and helping you increase conversions. Plus, x-hoppers is perfect for gathering and generating predictive data in your retail setting thanks to its functionality as a completely integrated retail software solution.

Operating as a complete retail headset system, x-hoppers goes beyond traditional retail communications with headsets that syncs to a smart communication platform hosted in the Cloud. On this channel, every clerk is connected to one another while also fully available to receive in-store call point alerts and even external calls from customers.

Each headset is muted by default to prevent chatter on the network. To talk to colleagues, simply push the Call button once, then push it again to return to mute.

To answer incoming calls, just push the Hook key and the headset will automatically connect to the next customer in the call queue. At any time, you can even switch from the external call to the clerks’ channel (and back again) with another push of the Hook key.

With x-hoppers, internal collaboration and external communication are unified into one device — all run by a system that integrates no-contact call points anywhere in your store.
When a customer scans a QR code, clerks are instantly alerted that help is needed in the relevant section of the store.

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