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Phone Systems for Contact Centres

Contact centres are high pressure and fast-paced environments which have to deal with high volumes of calls and also customer complaints. Inefficient handling of calls in these environments can lead to customer dissatisfaction, bad reviews online and lost business.

At Channel Comms, we provide an all-compassing telecoms service for contact centres, giving employees and management the tools, they need to handle customer queries effectively.


Low Customer Satisfaction

Both outbound and inbound contact centres are branded with bad reputations for different reasons.

In inbound environments, customers are often looking for answers and therefore get frustrated faster should they need to be passed around different departments or are forced to call back a direct number for answers.

In outbound contact centres where calls may be cold, staff need information such as customer profiles including previous interactions with the customer to give them the best chance of a conversion.

At Channel Comms, our phone systems come equipped with a range of powerful features including call forwarding, call recording and business mobile integration to ensure that both the customer and the agent have a positive experience during the call.

Featured Product – Mitel 400 Call Centre – The Mitel 400 Call Centre package is the most comprehensive communications package available for call centres, encompassing a range of features to address challenges in the industry – these key features include:

  • Professional call routing – Diverting customers to the relevant person based on a number of factors including the caller’s location, current call volume and expertise of each agent (skill-based routing).
  • Customer profile – Key customer data is displayed on-screen when a call comes through. This information allows queries to be resolved quickly and saves callers having to repeat themselves.
  • Ease of use – The Mitel 400 call centre offers complete ease of use for staff, keeping satisfaction high and contributing towards a lower turnover of staff. This, in turn, results in better customer retention rates.

Download Mitel 400 Call Centre Brochure


No Sales Funnel

An efficient and cohesive sales funnel is essential for any outbound contact centre. Without one, staff may end up not being rewarded for their performance, the success of each campaign becomes harder to measure and scheduled follow up calls may be delayed or missed.

At Channel Comms, our unified communications solutions bring together multiple forms of communication to ensure that any interactions with potential customers are tracked, measured and acted upon if necessary.

What’s more, our powerful phone systems can seamlessly integrate with all leading sales funnel systems as well as your own CRM to ensure customer journeys are efficient from initial enquiry to final sale.


High Volumes of Calls

As the name suggests, contact centres receive and make a very high volume of calls every day, this can add up to an astronomically high phone bill with the wrong provider. What’s more, with home phones becoming less and less popular, contact centres will find they are making more and more calls to personal mobile phones.

At Channel Comms, we have a range of packages allowing us to offer you cheaper lines and calls, you won’t be locked into lengthy contracts and can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

At Channel Comms, our phone systems can be set up to completely support multiple locations and remote working with features such as transferring calls to mobiles, ‘follow me’ features and direct dialling inwards (DDI).

Obsolete Technology

The role of inbound contact centres has evolved over the years, now being primarily a place where customers can call to make complaints, purchase goods or have queries resolved. As the purpose of contact centres has changed, many find themselves still making use of old technology that is no longer fit for purpose.

At Channel Comms, we carry out a full assessment of all existing technology including phone systems, web applications, software, IT infrastructure and more before incorporating all of your requirements into one efficient and cost-effective system.

Featured Product – Mitel MiVoice Office Application Suite –The Mitel MiVoice Office Application Suite is a single server location to accommodate all your telephony needs. All the applications within the MiVoice Office suite are browser controlled meaning no downloads, extensive downtime or expensive upgrades.

Download Mitel MiVoice Office Application Suite Brochure


Simplify Your Telecoms Requirements With Channel Comms

At Channel Comms, we’ve worked with numerous contact centres to simplify their telecoms requirements. Whether you are an inbound or outbound contact centre, we can help. Call us free today on 0800 856 6900 or fill out a contact form below and we’ll get back to you.


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