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Hospitality Telecoms

Phone Systems for Hotels, Hostels, B&B’s, Cruise Ships, Food Establishments and more…

Whether you’re running a 6 bedroom B&B or a 300 room hotel – in hospitality environments, customer service is key. Having effective hospitality telecoms systems allows you to create added value for customers, provide unmatched service and keep them coming back time and time again.

At Channel Comms, we’ve worked with hotels of all shapes and sizes, providing an end to end solution with a range of speciality products to ensure you and your guests’ needs are met.


Common Telecoms Problems – Hospitality Industry

Guest Satisfaction

Should a guest have a complaint such as a qualm with the condition of the room, the issue must be rectified quickly and effectively by the right person to ensure the guest remains satisfied.

Traditional phone systems can make getting hold of the right people hard, which can give the guest the impression that the issue is not being taken seriously.

At Channel Comms, our phone systems make it easier to get hold of the right people faster to ensure complaints are dealt with before they escalate, with features including call recording, call forwarding and automated attendant to ensure complaints or queries are directed to the appropriate department and dealt with.


Featured Product – HotelMGR

HotelMGR is a fully integrated solution that optimises staff productivity and enhances your guests’ experience by dealing with any problems before they arise.

With this system in place, housekeeping staff can use the bedroom telephone, an app on their phone or a wireless handset to report any problems found when cleaning the room.

Once the issue is raised, HotelMGR directs a ticket to the appropriate person to deal with it. Should a manager need to be involved, staff can escalate the ticket to the appropriate person.


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Inefficient Communication Between Members of Staff

Efficient communication between staff is key to ensuring that guests remain satisfied throughout the duration of their stay. Not having appropriate channels of communication may result in essential tasks not being done, guest requests not being fulfilled and the overall efficiency of the premises falling.

At Channel Comms, our specialist phone systems are full of features designed to promote effective communication in hospitality environments.

For example, the Mitel 400 Hospitality Package which includes features to promote synergy between all departments and ensure excellent service from check-in to check out.


Download Mitel 400 Hospitality Package Brochure


Slow or No Wi-Fi Means Frustrated Customers

Research compiled by energy company EON has revealed that hotel guests now value access to Wi-Fi over a complimentary breakfast. In this connected, modern world, failure to offer free Wi-Fi to guests can do a lot of damage to the popularity and success of your business.

At Channel Comms, we offer business-grade broadband to ensure that guests can stay connected when staying at your hotel.

Systems That Don’t Integrate

Hotels often rely on various different bits of software and tools to do individual tasks. When these tools can’t integrate, departments can be secluded, efficiency falls and management will be hard-pressed to get a holistic view of business performance.

At Channel Comms, our phone systems are designed to integrate with leading hospitality management software, we also offer specialist industry-specific applications that integrate with your existing phone system, no expensive upgrades required.


Featured Product – InnLine 

InnLine is an application that integrates seamlessly to your Mitel phone system, InnLine is the preferred application for many leading international hotel groups.

With the system in place, guests can make requests such as room service and wake up calls via recorded voice message. All guest requests are managed via a guest-specific mailbox which is accessible by relevant members of staff.

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Simplify Your Telecoms Requirements

At Channel, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across many different sectors and industries to simplify their telecoms requirements.

If you’re struggling with your existing telecoms infrastructure or facing sky-high maintenance or call costs, we can help. Call us free today on 0800 856 6900 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.


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