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Phone Systems for Solicitors and Legal Sector

With customers being dependent on receiving factual and correct information quickly wherever they may be, fast and efficient communication is essential in legal sector environments.

Not only is the legal sector challenged by demands to enhance client responsiveness, but also to provide a more personalised service, with the added pressure to reduce fees in an increasingly competitive and price-conscious market.


Telecoms Challenges Faced by Legal Sector

Numerous Physical Locations

Legal practices and firms generally span across several floors and locations, each practitioner may also have their own office which can leave callers being passed around departments or being left on hold if they don’t have the desired member of staff’s direct number.

Equally, it could be the case that staff don’t know the whereabouts of their colleagues, meaning they struggle to get hold of them. This can disrupt important work such as completing case files or requesting client information.

At Channel Comms, our phone systems can be set up with auto-attendant, call forwarding and twinning features to ensure that customers can always get hold of the right person.

With these features enabled, it would also be possible to create a rule whereby the caller would be automatically diverted to a nominated person to take the call should the required member of staff be unavailable, this could be the person’s manager, paralegal, assistant etc.


High Phone Bills

In legal environments, customer relationships are important. This often means that members of staff are making calls to customer mobiles from various devices at all times of the day. With some providers, this can result in an immense phone bill.

At Channel Comms, our packages are designed to suit your needs with very competitive rates, itemized billing and the very latest range of products such as SIP trunking – enabling us to reduce telephony costs by up to 40%, in most cases.

Additionally, our packages allow for free calls between the organisation’s different geographical office locations and free calls to and from staff mobiles, ensuring you are receiving the most cost-effective solutions with your lines and calls.


Staff Working Off-Site

As well as the challenge of having numerous physical locations, legal sector companies need to ensure that staff who are travelling or working off-site are contactable when required.

At Channel Comms, we provide a wide variety of telephone handsets including SIP, IP and business mobiles that can be twinned with a desk phone. This means staff will never be out of touch with clients and can be contacted on one number regardless of location.


Customer Complaints

In the legal sector, reputation counts. For this reason, it’s imperative that any customer complaints are recorded and dealt with appropriately. Failure to do so can result in poor reputation, bad online reviews and ultimately lost business.

At Channel Comms, our handsets allow for the recording of customer calls, making the resolution of disputes easier and providing staff with effective training on how to resolve different kinds of disputes with customers.

Additionally, your business will benefit from a fully auditable record of all public interactions with evidence of call recording to prevent any possible litigation now and in the future.

For more information on the advantages of this feature, read our blog post explaining the benefits of recording calls.


Old Systems Not Compatible with Modern Working Style

In progressive industries, staff can expect to be able to work in modern working styles that suit them, all of which can be made possible through additional telecoms functionality.

Hot Desking – Hot desking allows staff to work from any desk or device, simply logging into any handset to be accessible via their usual number.

Home Working – Equally, with working from home and flexi-time becoming an increasingly popular offering, employees business mobiles can be set up to receive calls on their normal number.

Team Working – Ensuring teams work together more effectively through presence and availability wherever they may be located tend to increase staff and customer satisfaction.

By creating skill groups, subject matter experts can be located to assist with client enquiries instantly and efficiently, therefore increasing overall productivity.


Simplify Your Telecoms with Channel

At Channel Comms, we understand that no two businesses are the same – so why would their telecoms requirements be?

We’ve already worked with a number of businesses within the legal sector to save them money and help them provide a more efficient service to their customers.

For more information about how we can help, contact one of our expert team today on 0800 856 6900 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.


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