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A leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry. Not only providing CCTV but also bringing you the latest in temperature and flow control access solutions.

Thermal Access Solution

The Thermal Access Solution provides an all-in-one product designed to instantly read, monitor and display the temperature of individual subjects.

By combining advanced face recognition with temperature monitoring controls, allowing it to read, monitor and display in real time, the temperature of a subject and alerting should a subject be over your preset threshold.

Designed to only monitor one person at a time, the subject can identify the closest and most direct subject, therefore ensuring no confusion and allowing a smooth flow of people.

Using your own temperature threshold and manually drawn out face recognition box, the system is designed to tailor to your preference and is easily adaptable with a number of different mounting options (floor stand or wall mount), and can be easily linked to any door / entry system.

People Control Flow System

The People Flow Control System offers the latest technology monitoring and limiting the number of people within a defined area. The system analyses how many people are inside an area and allows you to display numbers in real-time and can link with digital signage.

The system works by using the latest Artificial Intelligent cameras combined with DSS Express to monitor how many people are entering and leaving an area.

Use multiple cameras to monitor separate entry and exit points to avoid people getting too close.

Use custom limits for the number of people to monitor how many people are within an area.

Thermal Body Temperature Solution

This solution ensures that the temperature of the people entering the area is normal. It detects body temperature in real-time. When the temperature reaches the threshold, an alert notification will pop on the screen and the sound alarm will be triggered at the same time. This solution also supports several kinds of display devices.

Solution Highlights

• Provides safe, efficient and accurate temperature monitoring

• Offers non-contact screening with up to 3 meters in distance, allowing quick passage

• Supports multi-person detection of up to 30 targets at the same time

• Supports visual abnormal alert to facilitate back-tracking

• Features non-mask detection for intelligent control with face mask detection rate of >95%

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